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Since the war in Ukraine broke out, a group of students attending Boston universities and colleges have band together for support and in solidarity with their besieged home nation. They don’t know when they are going to be able to return home, their work prospects are limited, and even the most basic of necessities like clothing are in short supply. 

Some are hopeful they can return home this summer to help rebuild. They know they are Ukraine’s future, and they want to raise awareness of the horrors inflicting their nation, and help build a better and stronger Ukraine.

Young Ukrainians are overwhelmed by the fear of war; the safety of their family and friends, the history of their culture and the land they call home. They have been forced to grow up beyond their years- all while being thousands of miles away from their country. Documenting this young group evolved from my GenZ project- being a witness in duality; a concerned mother juxtaposed with a curious photojournalist. Through portraiture I document the most historical and influential moment in these young lives. By utilizing a 4X5 large format camera, my focus turns to the shared conversation and connection. Together, we create a platform where the collaborators are able to be seen and heard. I strive to create empathy and raise awareness. What this generation will accomplish after the war is unknown- however, it is clear the war has ignited the human instinct to unite and rebuild.