•  BOSTON, MA- MAY 20, 2020: Portrait of Dr. Lynn Black who has traveled the globe as a medical relief worker; as Covid-19 cases began to rise in Boston, she helped lead preparations at Massachusetts General Hospital May 20, 2020
  • BOSTON, MA- JUNE 25, 2020: Portrait of Dr. Jon Santiago, Boston Medical Center Emergency Room Dr. and State Representative. Dr Santiago has spent most of this pandemic year battling COVID in the emergency room at night he habitually spends his days journeying to Beacon Hill and fighting for the South End neighborhood that surrounds the ER at Boston Medical, the same neighborhood where Santiago was raised in subsidized housing after his Puerto Rican family relocated when he was a baby. on June 25, 2020
  • FEBRUARY 08, 20201, ROXBURY, MA Dr. Charles Anderson, MD, MPH, MBA of Newton, new President and CEO of the 159 year old Dimmock Center. Photo by Faith Ninivaggi
  • BOSTON, MA , APRIL 14, 2021- Portrait of Alba Mullen, RN, BSN Bringham And Women’s Hospital. Photo By Faith Ninivaggi
  • APRIL-02, 2021, Portraits of Michelle Woodward, RN at Tufts Medical Center. Photos By Faith Ninivaggi
  • BOSTON, MA , APRIL 06, 2021- Portrait of Ellana Stinson, MD MPH, President, New England Association in front of the Reggie lewis Covid-19 Vaccination site. Photo By Faith Ninivaggi
  • WORCESTER MA- Portrait of Dr. Robert Finberg, Infectious Disease Specialist affiliated with Mass Memorial Medical Center. APRIL 02, 2020: on April 04, 2020 (Photo By Faith Ninivaggi)
  • October, 1, 2020-Portrait of Dr. Sabrina Assoumou, infectious disease physician focusing on HIV at Boston Medical Center. Photo by Faith Ninivaggi
  • BOSTON, MA- JUNE 30, 2020: Dr. Vonzella Bryant, Boston Medical Center, Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Professor, Director, Medical Student Education Assistant Dean for Student Affairs on June 30, 2020 (Photo By Faith Ninivaggi for Blue Cross and Blue Shield )
  • BOSTON, MA- DECEMBER 10, 2020: Portrait of Emma Mancini, RN at Tufts Medical Center. (Photo By Faith Ninivaggi)
  • MARCH 04, 2021, BOSTON, MA - Portrait of Sandra Douglas, ICU Nurse who printed out a dying Mothers heartbeat and gave to her young daughter for comfort. Photo by Faith Ninivaggi
  • MARCH 04, 2021, BOSTON, MA - Portrait of Rebecca Pham, Physical Therapist at Bringham and Women's Hospital. Photo by Faith Ninivaggi
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Frontline Heroes 2020-present
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Frontline Heroes 2020-present
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